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Eye Info

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There are so many interesting things to know about eyes. How they work, what can go wrong with them and most importantly how to look after them. Click around and SEE what you can find.


Have you heard of a squint? Maybe you have one. Read about this and other things that can happen to our eyes.


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Tests and Procedures

Do you want to know what kind of tests and operations happen at a Children's Eye Hospital? Read about a few here.

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How the Eye Works

The eyes have been called the most complex organ in our body. It's amazing that something so small can have so many working parts. But when you consider how difficult the task of providing vision really is, perhaps it's no wonder after all.

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Eye Health

It is really important to keep your eyes healthy. Find out ways here!

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Eye Articles

Are you worried about bullying? 

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Eye Hospital

Here we focus on some key things that go on inside an eye hospital and read interviews with real life staff from Moorfields Eye Hospital

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  • Vernal and atopic keratoconjunctivitis

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Ask the Eye Expert

Why do I blink?

Why can't I sneeze with my eyes open?

YOU ask the question we will try to answer it

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